Use the form below to assess your skill level as a player in Pickleball. It's not just about your ability on court, it is also about your knowledge of the rules. If you are interested in playing in Pickleball festivals and tournaments then you need to advise the organisers upon registration for those events what your own Pickleball rating is in order to be matched with players of similar ability. That way it keeps it fair for everyone involved. 

It's best to be honest with yourself and slightly conservative in order that you have a chance to win matches during festivals and tournaments. 

There's a grid summary of the ratings at the end of this page and you can click on the image to download it.

If you are unsure about rating yourself, you can always ask me to assess you next time we are on court. There's also a handy website by USA Pickleball for your to review what each rating means, https://usapickleball.org/tournaments/tournament-player-ratings/player-skill-rating-definitions/

~ Michael 🤟

Note: You do NOT have to be signed in to Google to complete the form.