PicklePlay.com is now the booking system in place for most Pickleball clubs I have been involved with. In order to book via PicklePlay and if you are 'app friendly', please download the app from your mobile app store, Apple app Store and Google Play Store. Once downloaded and registered, go to clubs and search for the club name you have been given and request to join that club. A notification will go to the admin (me) and I will let you in. 

Go to schedule and tap RSVP to 'attend event'. If the session is full, you will be prompted to be added to the waiting list. If someone drops out, you will be notified. If at any time you are unable to attend the sessions please cancel 24 hours prior to ensure that anyone on a waiting list is notified at least 1 day in advance. 

If you are NOT 'app friendly', you can use a website version of PicklePlay and you will require login details (email and password). If you have not already received those details, please get in touch with me via the contact form at the end of this page.

PicklePlay has a website and an app, which is why I have chosen them. You can use either with your login username (email) and password. The website version of PicklePlay is clubs.pickleplay.com and it is easier to navigate and book or leave a Pickleball session.

There are three videos in the YouTube Playlist below, which I created for our local Wyre Forest Pickleball group so the detail may not be relevant for your area but the content and how you use it is. Note that the tutorials are for the website version of PicklePlay, not the mobile app. The mobile app works slightly differently, but still works very well nevertheless, the language on the buttons for adding yourself to events is just a little different.

When I add you to PicklePlay using the email address you have supplied, you will receive 3 emails from PicklePlay:

Please follow the instructions in the videos.

If you get stuck or do not know how to login to the booking system, I am able to assist you over the phone, please get in touch with me via email or text. There’s no need to struggle with it, I am here to support you with it. Having a booking system means it will be so much simpler for getting onto sessions and avoiding a lot of unnecessary admin for everyone concerned. If you have issues with the password, I recommend that you just click forgot password on the website version login screen via clubs.pickleplay.com and create an easier password for yourself. There is a PDF, at the end of this web page or via this download link with instructions on how to reset your password and create an easier password for yourself. You do not need to know the old password to reset your password.


PicklePlay Password Reset Intructions.pdf